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iScuba Plan app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 9594 ratings )
Sports Productivity
Developer: Brock Brinkerhoff
7.99 USD
Current version: 1.2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Apr 2009
App size: 790.62 Kb

For a full video preview, please see the iScubaPlan website:

Fast, accurate, recreational SCUBA dive planner built by the same author of iDeco - The highest rated technical diving app in the AppStore.


IMPORTANT - A reviewer thought there was a mistake in the way iScuba Plan handles Nitrox - They didnt read the 3rd bullet point - iScuba Plan converts Nitrox values to EAD (equivalent air depth) and then calculates the dive.

The reason is very simple - There are only a couple of PADI EAN tables (32, 36 etc), but iScuba Plan can accommodate *any* Nitrox mix using this widely accepted technique.


* Metric and Imperial - Allows instant switching between them.

* Plan recreational dive profiles based on the same data as the PADI RDP.

* Supports Nitrox via calculating the EAD on the fly and applying this to the Air data.

* Plan repetitive dives all in one shot. Just add a surface interval and keep right on going.

* See before and after pressure groups.

* Green/Red indicators for time, NDL, gas, and dive. Yellow indicators for warnings such as required stops and EADs of 1.4 to 1.6.

* Allows you to do infinite "what-ifs" with instantaneous feedback - Plan dives to bottom time or to the SI after the last dive.

* See the instant effect of changing depth, time, and Nitrox mixes.

* Instant Nitrox calculator. Shows pO2 as depth or mix changes.

* Innovative interface that shows everything you need to see - All dynamically!

* User interface is extremely fast and fluid.

NOTE: As always, this application does NOT replace proper certification and training. Always confirm information with tables.

Pros and cons of iScuba Plan app for iPhone and iPad

iScuba Plan app good for

In France, we have the MN90 table that allows us to go up to 65m. Have you a way to go under 45m ? Another thing… it is possible to display the time of each decompression phase ?
This is a great app, guys! But it would be even better if we could save the planning for posterior altering. Sometimes we spend less time on the water, go less deep, etc. It would be easier to update the subsequent dive plans without having to do it by scratch.
In this day and age, many Rec. divers use expensive dive computers. While extremely useful during a dive, the dive planning function on a dive computer is often a PITA to use, so many divers--even with computers--skimp. iScuba Plan is an excellent tool for planning your dives. I found it super-easy to use for air or nitrox dive planning. If it makes it easier to plan my dives, Im more likely to plan my dives, and that makes it a five star application in my book.
This app is awesome. Ive shown it to some of my Divebuddies and they were both envious and in awe. A couple of suggestions for the next update: (1) Employ some sort of save feature so you can (at least) get a textual summary of, for example, scenario A,B,C,D, etc., save it, and then email copies to yourself and your divebuddies; (2) Scrolling: it wobbles laterally back and forth (I see no need for this); (3) Finally, the app should semi-lock into place as you scroll through each dive: a little stronger finger flick should let you go to the next dive--but it should lock in place there until you decide to flick it again. Going from one dive to the next, its a tad too fast & unweildy. For example, reading the lower half of the 1st dive with only the top half of the 2nd dive seems pointless. A very strong app. Great work. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
U should add possibility to change attitude above sea level - it changes dive times a little I miss only this one option
Good value for money but the algoryth used is differnet then in PADI RDP and there is no option to change attitude level.

Some bad moments

Let me just say right up front... I am a total nove. So if you are a more experienced diver, then this tool may be fine for you. I downloaded this to help me with finalizing my Open Water certification, and was ready to study hard to sue it to its fullest. Loaded it up and have no idea how to use it. Searched onine for help but none to find. Followed the 2 different links found with the app on the itunes app store.. both links lead to pages of OTHER softwares (iDeco and VPlanner) and neither site offers any video help. The actual app on itunes lists a site for a video help guide, but the site doesnt work. Seriously, if you are out of business, or the other apps are the only ones you support now, then take this paid app off of itunes so we dont waste money on smoething that we get no customer support for.
Ok so i thought this would be a good tool to have, but i started to compare my dive numbers with the ones that this program gives out and there is a lot of inconsistencies, i am not sure what the problem is but compared the the RDP for EANX 32 none of the numbers seem to be correct, Try it an someone tell me if it is just me that is doing something wrong.
had a few hickups on 2 dives where the program failed to compute the residual nitrogen. 1st dive 18 ft for 21 min. end presure group "C", SI of 1:10 presure group "A" 2nd dive 15 ft for 31 min final presure group "H". The App figured the 2nd with a final preasure group of "E" it failed to add the residual nitrogen of 10 to the actual bottom time.
Love the usability of this app. but there is one problem I find disconcerting. The surface interval function only allows you to input an approximation of your surface interval as it does not give you an accurate reading (to the minute) of what you are entering. Bearing in mind that 15 minutes either way can put you in a pressure group 3 groups away from where you actually are. If this is then compounded by multiple dives the result could be DANGEROUSLY inaccurate. Adding a to the minute display would also allow student divers to use this impressive looking app. (assuming that it gives the same numbers as the actual rdp, which I have not checked yet). I teach many students and feel this could be a real asset, but has this one SEVERE limitation. If this were fixed I would unreservedly recommend this app but as it is now I recommend it but with strong caution and advise you that if you use it, to check your numbers against a PADI RDP, e(RDP) or nitrox tables (which kinda defeats the purpose of having this app in the first place). P.S. Try adding a minimum surface interval feature, then this really would be a dive planning Powerhouse.
Doesnt let you start with last dive letter for second and third dive.. Im a new diver expected to be able to do multiple dives accurately ... Very disappointed...
I used this app to determine PG for two planned dives. The results for the first dive were fine but the PG for the second dive was way off. I ran the dive through the RDP calculator and then through the dive tables, the results from the iScuba Plan app were off. The interface for this app is great but if the results are faulty the app is at best useless, at worst very dangerous.

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