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Very good but limited to 45m

In France, we have the MN90 table that allows us to go up to 65m. Have you a way to go under 45m ? Another thing… it is possible to display the time of each decompression phase ?

Saving planning

This is a great app, guys! But it would be even better if we could save the planning for posterior altering. Sometimes we spend less time on the water, go less deep, etc. It would be easier to update the subsequent dive plans without having to do it by scratch.

Nice App but oxygen fraction is missing

Nice and easy user interface. It tells you everything you need in an easy way. Just missing the days oxygen fraction.

Excellent Recreational Dive Planner

In this day and age, many Rec. divers use expensive dive computers. While extremely useful during a dive, the dive planning function on a dive computer is often a PITA to use, so many divers--even with computers--skimp. iScuba Plan is an excellent tool for planning your dives. I found it super-easy to use for air or nitrox dive planning. If it makes it easier to plan my dives, Im more likely to plan my dives, and that makes it a five star application in my book.


This app is awesome. Ive shown it to some of my Divebuddies and they were both envious and in awe. A couple of suggestions for the next update: (1) Employ some sort of save feature so you can (at least) get a textual summary of, for example, scenario A,B,C,D, etc., save it, and then email copies to yourself and your divebuddies; (2) Scrolling: it wobbles laterally back and forth (I see no need for this); (3) Finally, the app should semi-lock into place as you scroll through each dive: a little stronger finger flick should let you go to the next dive--but it should lock in place there until you decide to flick it again. Going from one dive to the next, its a tad too fast & unweildy. For example, reading the lower half of the 1st dive with only the top half of the 2nd dive seems pointless. A very strong app. Great work. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Group pressure after 2nd dive ?

This dive ? Is not giving me the right group pressure after the second dive. First dive 50ft for 23min surface interval 1:30 then I put the second dive in at 35ft for 46min and it comes up with I but it should be M. Has anyone else had the same problem?

A bit of problem

When I install the LITE version for the first time, everything was fine. Then I bought the full version and upgraded to OS 3. Since then the starting pressure group and the final pressure group are showing exactly the same letter. It is still useful because it shows the final group after the surface time but still, its a bit inconvenient and moreover, I would like to have this application to work properly if I paid for it. And, there is no email contact on the support site so I can not contact the creator either. Finally, more detailed surface time bar would be nice. PS: the LITE version shows the same bug now too

one thing missing

U should add possibility to change attitude above sea level - it changes dive times a little I miss only this one option

Good ...

Good value for money but the algoryth used is differnet then in PADI RDP and there is no option to change attitude level.

Very disappointed

Let me just say right up front... I am a total nove. So if you are a more experienced diver, then this tool may be fine for you. I downloaded this to help me with finalizing my Open Water certification, and was ready to study hard to sue it to its fullest. Loaded it up and have no idea how to use it. Searched onine for help but none to find. Followed the 2 different links found with the app on the itunes app store.. both links lead to pages of OTHER softwares (iDeco and VPlanner) and neither site offers any video help. The actual app on itunes lists a site for a video help guide, but the site doesnt work. Seriously, if you are out of business, or the other apps are the only ones you support now, then take this paid app off of itunes so we dont waste money on smoething that we get no customer support for.

Excellent recreational dive planner!

Very fast, easy to read/see how changes in a dive plan or surface interval will impact your subsequent dive.

Awesome dive planner

This is an awesome app. I love the UI and real time feedback. It is very easy to see the impact that repetitive dives have - I like that changing one dive changes all. Great job!

The Best Recreational App Out There

The title says it all. iScubaPlan and its technical counterpart iDeco are the best two diving applications available. iScuba Plan provides instant calculations of EAD, gas groups, NDL, and pO2 as the user changes their dive plan. The interface is flawless. It is easy to read, easy to control, and lacks any lags or bumps in the controls. This is a must have app for the tech savvy recreational diver because it is the best portable app on the market that offers speedy dive planning for repetitive diving. This is the ONLY recreational dive planner available that is quick and easy to use allowing the diver to have more fun times underwater!

Fantastic program!

If this app had been available when I first started diving, Id have skipped buying a dive computer! For those of us that hate using dive tables, this app is essential. It gives all the information neccesary to plan a recreational dive in a very intuitive and easy-to-use format. Plus, since it has the ability to easily plan repetitive dives, its simple to see how your subsequent dives are affected if you stay just a little bit longer or a little bit deeper on your first dive. Theres even a built-in Nitrox calculator so you can instantly see whether your Nitrox mix is safe for your planned depth.

Great Planning App

Just started using IScuba and love it. Its given me a better understanding of how the dive tables function. I think instructors could use this as a valuable teaching aid in OpenWater classes. The program operation is natural, easy, and intuitive. The only thing it doesnt do is carry my gear to the water!

Great Interactive Dive Planner

Very straight-forward to learn and easy to use. I love how mods to early dives automatically ripple through to later dives with no need to hit reset, start over, or update buttons.

Way better than tables!

Fantastic dive app. PADI needs to ditch their POS eRDP and just supply this to students instead! Very easy to see and understand the process of dive planning, and very intuitive to use. Ill be passing my phone around for people to play with this at every class from now on!

Awesome app!

Highly recommend this for anyone, nitrox or not. Easy to use, very intuitive, makes planning dives and mixes a snap.

Great app

Im a NAUI diver but, this is a great resource & a wonderful time saver as opposed to having to sit down & figure out tables & doing the math for repetitive dives. I believe that PADIs tables are slightly more conservative than NAUIs but conservative is always good. My only "wishlist" for this app would be if it would save my settings instead of reverting back to the defaults when the app closes out. This way I could always go back & reference my dive plan if I need to. Or, if I am dialing in my plan & I receive a phone call I wont have to go back & do it all over again. Other than that, I wouldnt change a thing!

Simple. Fast. Elegant.

By far the simplest recreational dive planner in the App Store. Based on the PADI RDP table. Makes planning my trips so easy I actually tossed my printed plastic table from my dive class.

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